What is the cost of tubal ligation reversal surgery in Waynesboro VA. Find the best reverse tubal ligation doctors in Virginia




How to find a fertility specialist who can perform a tubal ligation reversal in Waynesboro VA and can help you get pregnant after the procedure.

  Tubal ligation, or getting your tubes tied, is an effective form of stopping unwanted pregnancy. But is there a way to do a tubal ligation reversal if a woman wants to get pregnant?

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Tubal ligation is thought to be a permanent surgical procedure which consists in tying off the Fallopian tubes in order to prevent the egg from reaching the woman’s uterus where it can be fertilized. While this extremely effective method of birth control seems as the best solution in certain periods of a woman’s life, a change of heart sometimes occurs.

 What is a tubal ligation reversal?

Fortunately, this can be achieved with another surgical procedure called tubal ligation removal. If a woman changes her mind, and decides she wants to become pregnant, tubal ligation reversal is possible, and it can in effet ensure the ability to conceive again.

Tubal ligation is the safest way to prevent unwanted pregnancy. However, the possibility of reversing it may also be important to many people these days. Fortunately, this is possible even in cases when the sterilization procedure involves tubal rings or tubal clips. In fact, this actually involves the most successful rate of fertility following the reversal microsurgery which entails the recuperation of those portions of fallopian tubes left behind when clipped.

What are my chances of getting pregnant?

The tubal ligation reversal procedure has a pregnancy rate after the procedure in the range of 75%; moreover, the percentage continues to increase every month, given the reopening of the tubes. It has been fount that 98% of tubal ligation procedures are reversible, so that almost all women have a renewed chance to have another baby following the tubal ligation microsurgery.

The overall success of the tubal ligation repair varies among different female patients according to the type of tubal sterilization (tying and removing a segment of the fallopian tube, tubal clips or rings, electro-coagulation) and the condition of the segment of the tube that was left, whether too short, completely removed, or damaged.

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What does it cost and is it covered by insurance?

Unfortunately, because a tubal sterilization procedure is entirely elective, insurance companies almost never cover the fees associated with helping you get pregnant after you’ve had your “tubes tied”, whether it be with surgery or with in vitro fertilization (and that’s even if your insurance plan does have infertility or IVF coverage). Therefore, you usually have to pay for either of the procedures out of pocket. This being the case, it is important to find a facility near Waynesboro VA committed to trying to keep your costs at a minimum.

The cost of a tubal reversal surgery in itself will be range between $4,500.00 up to an estimated $20,000.00 depending upon where it is performed.  The lower end of the spectrum is based on a controlled outpatient facility where the doctors and other medical professionals operate the facility.  The higher end is based on a procedure done at a facility where the doctor is not resident to the facility and does not have control over another location’s facility fees.  Many times this does not include the initial consultation or diagnostic workup that helps to determine which procedure to recommend.

The fee for an initial consultation for the tubal reversal procedure can be anywhere from $100 to $500. Many times, the initial consultation fee can be deducted from your estimated surgery cost when you schedule your procedure.

How do I find the right doctor to perform the procedure?

The best way of course to to have someone recommend a professional to you.  Ask your OB/GYN or your family physician if they know of a specialist they are familiar with. You can check on the some of the doctor directory sites in Virginia, or out of state if you wish. You should be able to find an experienced specialist in Virginia who has good recommendations.  Ask how long they have been doing the procedure, what has been the success rate of subsequently having a baby after the procedure. Bottom line is to make sure you ask every question you can to make you feel comfortable.

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